New Class: Walk, Restore, & Rest

There is space in tomorrow’s class. Please reach out if you would like to join us. If it’s raining, we’re flexible: we’ll modify!!

Two upcoming sessions for spring on April 9th, and May 21st from 2-4:30.

We’ll start our time together with a mindful walk to connect to nature and ourselves while awakening the lungs with some good, fresh air.

Then we’ll meet in the Trillium Studio for a deeply restful and relaxing restorative yoga practice. Yes, this is the practice with lots of props to support the body and truly let the nervous system settle into stillness. The Art of Rest.

We’ll close with a mediation and time to reflect and integrate.

This longer session give you time to really feel like you’ve given yourself a retreat. The gift of time. Time to step out of life and dive into what matters most. Give yourself Permission this Spring. Permission to rest and restore your body, mind, and soul.

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1 thought on “New Class: Walk, Restore, & Rest

  1. See you tomorrow!
    Namaste, Robyn

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