March’s Full Moon

Elisabeth Ladwig: Forsythia Leviosa!

You can purchase the above photo at Elisabeth on Earth

The worm moon because the wigglies and creeplies are beginning to rise up from the earth to play in the mud.   March’s full moon is also called the sap or sugar moon, the crow moon, or the Lenten moon.

Play in the mud. Maybe, literally play in the mud. Perhaps, plant some seeds in the dirt. Perhaps take a long walk (Walk, Restore, and Rest classes for Spring have posted and the first one is tomorrow). Perhaps, lay out a blanket and soak up the spring sunlight. Begin to practice Breath of Joy!

Perhaps have a mug of golden milk with hot-off-the-boiler maple syrup. Savor and enjoy, then begin to switch to the lighter foods of spring (more about that in Monday’s Blog Post on Spring!).

Think Spring. Think fresh, newness of life. It’s easy to get stuck in the mud in the spring, but keep moving. Take some time to reflect and then start moving in the direction of your dreams. In the direction of what matters most. This is a most important year to be moving forward and not getting stuck in the past.

You got this. No matter how sticky the mud, keep moving! If you need support, reach out. Connect with friends. Connect with nature. Connect!!!

Things to reflect on for the full moon and spring:
–What are you grateful for from your winter?
–What was draining for you in the last few months?
–How will you take care of your health this spring (physically, mentally, emotionally)?
–What do you love about your self and your body?
–What qualities in yourself would you like to focus on and grow this spring?

–Choose one word, or one short phrase, that sets your intention for spring.
–Sit with it. Visualize yourself in your ideal state of wellness.
–Repeat your intention three times to yourself.

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