March Schedule:

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Yoga is absolutely vital for a balanced body and mind and heart/soul these days!!

Yoga Teacher Training begins very soon. Our first class is the first weekend in April for New Teachers! This training is open to those who want to expand their own practice, build resilience, practice radical self care, and to become a new yoga teacher. This training is also open to those who are already yoga teachers and want to continue to explore or join a training for radical self care in these trying times.* The class is beginning to form and is shaping up to be a Beautiful class. Don’t miss out. I personally believe that there is no better time than right Now to commit to a deeper practice of resilience and Following the Path of Dreams. To make this more accessible, we have an extra generous payment plan for 2022. Please reach out and/or explore the YTT pages for more information.

Stay At Home Yoga (via Zoom or recording) is a lovely practice to commit to your Mat from home! This is a BEAUTIFUL way of cultivating your own personal practice while still have the Guidance of a Teacher (that’s me!!). RSVP using the link above, then the rest of the work is on me. You just have to show up to your mat each week!! **

Stay at Home Yoga is here to stay and scheduled through the end of the year. New for 2022: Book ten Stay At Home Yoga Classes at a time and you’ll be added to an eleventh class free (I will add the eleventh to your booking when I am notified that you’ve booked for ten).

Want Company for Yoga? Wednesday evening Yoga for Good Company (and everyone) at the Community Church in North Orange at 6pm. No RSVP required.

Brand New Class (Mini Retreat) is Rest, Restore, and Rest. A slightly longer than usual class to really take the time needed to rest the mind and the nervous system. We’ll begin outdoors with a short Mindful Walk, then move into the studio for a gentle and generous Restorative Practice, followed by time to really Integrate. These classes take place in March (19th), April (9th), and maybe May (21st) only. If you’re intrigued, don’t miss out.

* If you are a previous graduate of our 200 hour training and would like to be a part of the journey again…please reach out for pricing.

** There are no classes from April 19-May 3.

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