February’s Full Moon

Spirit and Intuition

Full Moons are about fruition and letting go. They are the pinnacle of not being attached to outcomes. Some of what you’ve worked on so far this year should be coming to full growth. Relish your success, learn from your failures, and let go the fruits of your labors. Let your growth be perfect exactly as it is. It will never be perfectly perfect. It’s time to celebrate, so celebrate and then let it go. Don’t hold on to success. Don’t hold on to failures.

After the celebration, the moon begins to wane. Use this time to think about what you’ve learned from previous projects and goals and dreams. Turn inward to reflect and think about opportunities for moving forward. It’s not a time for doing after the moon fades from fullness, but a time for self reflection and diving inside.

Dive inside.

Do not plunge ahead into doing, but Just BE. Ask yourself: how might you learn to trust your own Intuition?

Practice for the Full Moon of February: Cultivate your spiritual side. Let go of that side of knowing and understanding. Let go of the side that has to be “right” and can pull out facts and tables and references to prove facts. But sit in the place of Not Knowing and Trust. Sit with the Mysteries of nature, of life, of spirit and allow the quiet stillness to offer nuggets of wisdom. Trust that the more you know, the less you know, and that’s a wonderful place to be. Practice Being. Go outside and listen to the wisdom of the more than human world. For those who like concrete parameters: sit each day outside for five minutes (even better if it’s the same time/place every day). Bring a cup of coffee or tea with you; or maybe you try Banyan’s lovely Ashwagandha Latte mix for a little boost of nourishment and energy (see Banyan Link Below to purchase). Just watch and listen. Wisdom whispers….

It’s a great time to journal. They’ll be plenty of time for doing later. Now, it’s time to dream, putter, and watch the awakening of spring. Look at your personal garden. What seeds do you want to plant that will grow through the rest of the year? Just plan. Doing comes after the new moon. Now, it’s a time to reflect. Look at the moon and reflect. Use your senses: see, hear, feel, smell, and taste…what is this coming Spring offering?

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