Full Moon Yoga

Last Full Moon Yoga of the Season takes place on Tuesday at 6pm in the Trillium Studio.

Please RSVP by Tuesday Morning: space is limited*.

Enjoy a Yoga practice around reflecting and flowing with the Full Moon of February. Letting go of the gunk (Ama) that freezes us and holds us back. Creating space to be more open, to grow, and to Become. This is the moon that begins the awakening and quickening toward Spring Greening.

  *Maximum 6; minimum 4 for in Studio Classes.  Please mask to your mat.  

Upcoming: Walk, Restore, and Rest March 19th and April 9th. Enjoy a Mindful Walk to connect with nature (please dress appropriately), a Restorative Yoga Practice (inside the studio), and time to Integrate and Reflect. This class is longer than the usual class to create a more “retreat” experience that allows time to really settle in, connect, rest, and restore. Self Care for Busy Lives.

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