BeeWell: I’m not Sleeping Well!!

Next BeeWell Gathering is this Friday at 6pm on Zoom!!

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I’ve been putting together our lecture piece for this Friday’s BeeWell Gathering. The one you asked for…Sleep and Rest. I thought I’d send out a little sneak peek:

We’re going to talk about different types of “not sleeping” and you might want to begin to think about these questions (maybe even make notes in your BeeWell Journal). Are you a can’t get to sleep or can’t stay asleep not-sleeper? Are you a wake up in the middle of the night and do something not sleeper or a restlessly lie in bed kind of not-sleeper? Are you a hypersensitive to light or sound kind of not-sleeper? Is your not sleeping focused on things to stay awake to “play” (have a glass of wine, watch movies, read all night, create all night, I deserve time to have fun time) or is your not sleeping focused on getting work done (those very important things, because we are very important people, so we sacrifice our sleep to work)?

Begin thinking about how and when you aren’t sleeping. We’re all different and sleep issues are not a one size fits all (very little of our issues are), so what works for your best friend may actually be the worse thing for your needs.

If you’re familiar with Ayurveda and your own constitution and dosha, you might want to reflect on whether you tend toward Vata, Pitta, or Kapha type tendencies. And NO WORRIES if you have no idea or no interest in doshas, this is still the class for you! If you have no idea but you’re interested, you can begin by scoping out this blog for information (there’s a search button below) or take a dosha quiz on Banyan Botanicals (there’s a link below; any purchases through the Banyan link help support the scholarship fund for Yoga Teacher Training). And we’ll always make time for questions in these BeeWell classes.

Of course, we’ll talk about the what-should-we-do-about-not-sleeping question. We’ll begin talking about short term “fixes” to get us through the interim and then we’ll get to the long term “fixes”. If we run out of time, we might extend this topic into next month. As usual, I’ll also be sure to record the lecture pieces for you to come back to later. Those links will be in your follow up email to the class.

What’s a BeeWell Gathering?: Each BeeWell Gathering (link to Beeing Well Blog Post) includes a Welcome and Hello where we each get to introduce ourselves to one another and create “Sangha” (community of Good Company). This is a good time to talk about where we are since our last Gathering or anything you want to share if you’re new to the Gathering.

I’ll offer a mini lecture around wellness (with an Ayurveda leaning, but one that’s user friendly for everyone at any level). The lecture helps to get the mind thinking and churning in new ways around health.

After the mini lecture, we’ll discuss and talk about what we might need moving forward and make an individual plan to practice for the next month. That plan might simply be to create space to show up for the next Gathering, to go for a daily walk, make a shift in diet, commit to a yoga practice, and/or something completely different. Your plan is about you, supported by your Good Company!

Practices are seated practices, so no special yoga clothing or props required. These are life friendly-do anywhere practices.

Practice Being Well and I hope to see you at the next Gathering!

Love & BeeWell, Charlotte

Of Note: BeeWell Gatherings are a GREAT support to any private consultation. I highly recommend that you join them if you are thinking about a consultation or have had a consultation and are struggling to implement your Self Care plan into real life. And, of course, these classes are stand alone classes (no consultations needed). These classes are for everyone!

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