The Full Moon of Wolves and Ice

Questions for a January Full Moon:

What is my vision for the future? What can I do to create a better future? Do I connect with people who challenge me and help me to grow? Do I connect closer with the loved ones who help me feel safe?

Do I connect with my inner Artist? Do I throw paint or scribble poems? Do I make time for my inner Child? Do I dance under the moon or plan a gigantic dress up party for days to come?

Envision the future to unfold…Be playful. Be light. Be yourself.

January’s first full moon is sometimes called the Wolf Moon.  The wolf call is louder on clear, cold nights.  The sound carries easily through the quiet woods and between bare branches.  When spotted, it looks as if wolves lift their gaze to howl at the moon.

Lifting their heads allows the sound to carry even farther.  They use their song to call their pack home or to warn off encroachers.

Another name for this moon is the Ice Moon. The Ice Moon invites us to cozy down and turn inward.  The Ice Moon invites us to hunker down at home, perhaps cuddled with our pack.

The Wolf Moon reminds us to communicate.  The Wolf Moon reminds us to connect to our distant pack. It might be a year to resurrect the long lost midwinter letter to loved ones.

Hunker down with your closest pack, stay warm, dream dreams big and small, and communicate with your pack far and near.

Perhaps even take a moment to unleash your inner wolf and just plain howl at the moon…it might feel really, really good!

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