Ahimsa Practice and Trillium Home Yoga (via Zoom)

Included in this post is an answer to a question and a practice. Question: Zoom Yoga: how does it work? Practice for Ahimsa: Gentleness and Kindness at home practice…

Trillium Stay at Home (Zoom) Yoga: How does it work? I’ve talked a lot about why, but maybe not how. It’s simple, really. Use the link below to RSVP for Stay at Home Yoga (if you RSVP for ten classes at a time, the 11th is included free). Be sure to include your email address when you set up with Schedulicity. By 9am Monday morning, you will receive an email with the link to “live” Zoom Yoga in your inbox. Simply click on the link to join. This is YOUR practice, you may choose to leave your video on through practice or have a bit more privacy and turn it off. Your video will never be in the recording!! I also “mute” everyone before we start, so your background noise is also never recorded. Live has a nice bonus of time before and after to say hello and ask questions, if you like. Again, you don’t have to.

After class, I get the recording ready and sometime before noon (unless there are technical glitches, which are fairly rare) you will receive a second email with the recording. Simply click on the recording link and press play! That’s it. Enjoy your practice. The recording is good through the week, so you may watch it over and over and over, until the next week’s practice arrives and the previous recording is deleted (unless it’s super wonderfully spectacular and then I keep it in the archives). Please remember not to share these recordings with anyone else.

It’s really very simple. Register and I do most of the work from there. All you have to do is open emails and click on links and enjoy! This week we began the Yamas: the social ethics of Yoga. We started with Ahimsa, which this year I am calling: living with Gentleness. Or the basic art of being kind in all things and in all ways. And trusting that it is contagious and ripples.

(Ahimsa arrives at in person yoga next week at the Community Church/Meetinghouse in North Orange: 6pm on Wednesdays {no yoga this week}).

Here is an at home practice for Ahimsa: nonHarming, Gentleness, or Kindness. Grab a bottle of massage oil and massage your feet (ideally: every, single day)!! Either to start your day or before bed each night. Then cover your feet with nice warm cozy socks for warmth (probably best to use an old pair of socks, oil is…oily). Our feet are used and abused and often under appreciated. Give them some kindness, gentleness, and love. Massage those tight fascia tissues, those hard working toe joints, those carefully balanced foot bones, those thick ropy tendons up to and in to the Achilles heel…keep massaging all the way up to the knees if you like. Massage your whole body if you like…

Kindness to one’s self is often the starting point for all good acts of rippling gentleness. Be kind to yourself!

Oils to use in Winter: Sesame oil is a great basic winter oil. It’s warm and nourishing, but there are also some really wonderful herbal oils from the Ayurvedic Farmacopia. My favorite is Mahanarayan Oil for really nourishing those hard working tissues of the feet. If there are “issues” in the feet, you may choose a Dhanvantaram Oil for even more foot love. If your mind is wild, a sesame based Brahmi Oil on the feet and a dab at the crown point of the head is lovely. A stock of lovely winter oils just arrived or you can purchase using the Banyan Link below (Please contact me for Dhanvantaram Oil as Banyan does not carry it).

Practice Kindness is all Things. Starting with your feet…

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