Planning for a New Year

I was reading a colleague’s post recently about what they had given up for 2021 and what they were planning to give up for 2022. I thought: I should do that too.

The infamous: “should”. Then I realized although it was a “good idea”, I wasn’t inspired. My head was on it, but my heart wasn’t. Maybe that’s the difference between should and inspired.

And so…

If something someone is doing inspires you, leap and do it. Even if it’s a bit challenging and scary. Especially if it’s a bit challenging and scary!

If something someone is doing makes you feel like you “should” do it, don’t leap. Take some time to reflect. Maybe it’s something that you could become motivated and inspired to do. Maybe not. Maybe it is something that would be a good challenge. Maybe not. “Should” is too often a precursor to “guilt” and “not good enough” and “shame” (these are things to not shy away from, but to gently explore). “Should” is definitely a sign to pause first and reflect first and not a time to leap. Grab a mug of tea (or Golden Milk) and a pad of paper to scribble on.

As the wisest teachers say: if you don’t love it, if you aren’t coming at it from the heart (inspiration), if you don’t truly want it, you won’t do it.

This is the week to begin the dreaming for a new year. Bring to your dreaming and planning table lots of hope, kindness, and truth!

As you make your plans for 2022: Choose to be Inspired!

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1 thought on “Planning for a New Year

  1. Well said and felt. Blessings all.

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