Greetings for the Holidays, the Solstice, and a New Year

It’s been another wild ride of a year. Thank you everyone for your patience and love through the messiness. Despite all the challenges (of life and work), we persevere. Janet and I graduated our third round of new yoga teachers and completed our first advanced yoga teacher training.

A BIG Congratulations to our new and advanced teachers!!!!

Classes have been scheduled and cancelled and modified this past year, but a new schedule is reestablishing. Some familiar classes, workshops, and trainings are back. Some new classes, trainings, and workshops have (and will) arrived.

Here are things to look forward to:


Trillium Home Yoga (Zoom) is here to stay. You may register for those classes through June. These classes are great because you can do them in the comfort of your own home, but you still get the guidance you love. You may join live each Monday at 9:30am or watch the recording (you may watch the recording as many times as you like in the week).

When you register for ten Trillium Home Yoga classes at a time, you will get your 11th class free. These classes are open to all level of student. RSVP under “workshops” in the link below. **

Weekly in person Good Company Yoga classes are happening on Wednesdays at 6pm at the Community Church in North Orange, upstairs in the Meetinghouse. These classes are open to all level of student. Please mask to your mat!! *. Drop in; $10.


Full Moon Yoga is back. Next classes are on December 18th, January 17th, and February 15th at 6pm (these will take place inside the studio). Space is limited; RSVP under “workshops” in the link below.

New Class: Dark Night Yoga on the Winter Solstice, January 3rd, and February 1st at 6pm. Please have yoga experience to attend these classes. Be aware that there will be time during class where we will be practicing in the Dark. Space is limited; RSVP under “workshops” in the link below.

New Class: BeeWell Gathering: Keep Good Company. We all need support and Good Company. These classes will take place on Zoom. We begin these gatherings with a check in, then a mini lecture, and then discussion and share. They ebb and flow, depending on the needs of the those gathered. They are scheduled monthly through April and are usually the first Friday of the month (January is on the 14th, due to a scheduling conflict). All are welcome; RSVP under “workshops” in the link below.

–Keep your eyes peeled for special classes to post. Yoga Nidra, Yin, Restorative, and Pranayama (breathwork) classes are in mind…

You may use the link below to RSVP. Most classes that require an RSVP are listed under “WORKSHOPS” and not found under “classes”.

TRAININGS: We are a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School.
Yoga Teacher Training begins anew in 2022.

New Teacher Training (200 hours) begins in April and meets one weekend a month for eight months. This will be our Heart Chakra Module. This training is often taken for personal growth and not to become a Yoga Teacher.
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300 hours) beings in September with the Pranayama and Meditation module (each module is 100 hours and can be taken for continuing education or as the journey to a 500 hour Yoga Training).
–Look for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education classes throughout the year.
Our classes are in person, small, and intimate; don’t wait, these trainings will fill up. Visit for more details.

BODY TREATMENTS & CONSULTATIONS: Currently, I am offering appointments on Tuesdays for individual consultations and treatments; please book early.

Look for Carolyn and Jennifer to join the Trillium Team:
–Carolyn Cullen will begin taking body treatment clients for Abhyangha, Vishesh, and Garshana beginning in January.
–Jennifer Peck will begin taking body treatment clients for Abhyanga in February.
Please keep your eyes peeled for more details and how to book.

Appointments can be booked with me through the scheduling link below.

Thank you for all of your support and love through this year’s journey around the Sun. Thank you for taking the time to read my long updates (I did bold the “good parts”).

There aren’t many of these long newsletters through the year, so if you want more frequent (and shorter) updates, sign up for the Blog. That’s where the week to week updates, current changes, as well as pop up videos and explorations and reflections on yoga and Ayurveda and life happen. Don’t miss out!

I look forward to seeing you in person and on Zoom soon. In the meantime, stay warm and cozy. Fall in love with all the beauty of winter and darkness. Happy Holidays! And a Happy, Happy New Year!

BeeWell & Namaste,

* Covid Updates: We are currently “masking to our mats”. Once we are on our mats, we unmask. You are welcome to keep your mask on, if that is more comfortable for you. If we must mask during practice, I will postpone in person classes until we can practice mask free. If that becomes the case, please enjoy Stay at Home (Zoom) Yoga in the interim. Please do not come to live classes if you are unwell or have been exposed to Covid. I will err on the side of canceling classes if I feel there is a health risk.

**Of Note on Zoom Recordings: Zoom recordings have been “sitting there” for you to come back to, but I am beginning to delete old classes. Please be sure to catch up on any classes you missed before the end of the year, when they will all be deleted (except a select few favorites). To stay with a feel of a weekly class: recordings will delete when the new class recording is sent out for the new week.

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