Yoga Teacher Training Updates for 2022

We know that many of you have been scoping out the Yoga Teacher Training for 2022 for your personal or professional development. We also know that many of you have been hesitant to commit for a variety of reasons. Those are reasons we all know and understand, as we have been pondering many of the same issues on our end. We have made some changes to try to alleviate some of those concerns.

We have moved the start date for this training to April instead of January. We felt this would help to get us over the post holiday Covid concerns, as well as create better opportunities for open windows, fresh air, and outside time during the training. The program will run from April to November (meeting one weekend each month at the Trillium Studio and meeting for one Zoom Call between each session).

We are aware that there are investment concerns as well. So we have a generous payment plan with only a small fee to cover the extra time and costs associated with payment plans. We also offer an early bird special. Students who commit to the training and pay in full by February 1, 2022 will save $200 off the total investment ($2400 instead of the usual $2600). Please remember that once you hold your spot, we reserve the right to retain your deposit of $500 if you cancel before the start of the training. Due to the intimate class size of our trainings, we need to be sure our students are fully committed when they hold their spot.

We are so very excited to offer this, our fourth class, for 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Our Heart Class. Green…to begin just as our world begins to Green Up for Spring. We hope to have you with us for this wonderful opportunity. Self Care, Resilience, and Following our Dreams is so very important in this time and place. Listen to the Call and Follow your Dreams.

The Heart Class: 2022 YTT200 Hour Dates: April 2-3 (Zoom Call: April 20th); May 7-8 (Zoom Call: May 25th); June 4-5 (Zoom Call: June 22nd); July 9-10 (Zoom Call July 20th), August 6-7 (August 24th), September 3-4 (Zoom Call September 21st); October 1-2 (Zoom Call October 26th), and November 5-6.

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