Full Moon: Beaver Moon

Photo by Gerd Altmann

The full moon in November is called the Beaver Moon because it’s when the beavers are actively preparing for winter. It is the time when we, too, must be actively preparing for the winter.  What are you actively doing to prepare?

Other names for this moon are the Frosty Moon, the Mourning Moon, Darkest Depths Moon, Howling Moon, Moon in Reed, White Moon, or Moon of the Wild Hunt. These are names from different cultures around the world. You can see in these names, the ways in which we see things the same and how culture and climate can shift the way we see the moons.  How do you see the moon differently from others?

‘Full moons come,
Full moons go,
softening nights
with their silver glow.
They pass in silence
all untamed,
but as they travel
they are named.’

Rhyme from ‘When the Moon is Full‘ by Penny Pollack (pub. Little Brown)

Practice: Which of the names of the moon resonates with you? Do you have your own name for November’s moon? Reflect on why this name has meaning to you.

Write your name for the moon down in your journal or in November of the planner you look at daily. Keep reflecting on your name for the moon throughout the next 28 days. What does it mean to you now? How does the name and what it means evolve and shift for you?

What qualities of this moon can help you grow and become the best version of yourself during these 28 days?

Write it down: How are you actively preparing for winter? What are your weaknesses and tendencies during the colder months and how will you be prepared? Do you always get sick? How can you prepare or alleviate that weakness? Do you always get a little depressed and lonely? How can you prepare and alleviate or work with that? What are your tendencies….

Feel free to share: feel free to share your names for the moon and/or how you plan to prepare for winter. We learn from one another. You may choose to comment on this post or in Facebook comments.

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