A friendly reminder about clocks…

tick tick tick tick…

One of the most challenging aspects of yoga sometimes? A ticking clock during Savasana! tick tick

tick tick


tick tick


tick tick


Can you let go of outside noises and distractions?

Can you stay centered in yourself?

Can you let go of your attachments to time?

Can you let go of your frustrations around…

the time change?

Yup. It’s time to reset the clock. Remember to set your clocks back (fall back, spring forward) tonight.

And let’s try not to let our attachments to time (kala) and clocks and (yup) the “ticking” draw us out of balance.

Remember to Be Kind (to yourself too) and to have Courage (in big and small ways). Remember to live with Utsaha (enthusiasm). Reset the clocks, and maybe, just maybe, reset your mindset…

Sweet Dreams…and Namaste (there is light all around us, simply look for it instead of the darkness).

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1 thought on “A friendly reminder about clocks…

  1. So appreciate this. Namaste. 💗

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