BeeWell Gatherings (on Zoom)

Online scheduling

The very first BeeWell Gathering takes place on December 3rd at 6pm on Zoom for everyone near and far!! Bring a mug of tea and yourself! You must RSVP to receive the Zoom Link!

It seems like right now, even those of us who have a “pretty good handle on life” are feeling the strain. Most of us are feeling some version of anxious, fearful, depressed, and unsettled. Life can feel a little hectic and messy and uncomfortable. It’s not unexpected and is honestly to be expected. We’re in a collective state of uncertainty and stress like we’ve never experienced before. It’s new and challenging. All of our nervous systems are on edge to some degree (whether we admit it, or not). We may be doing okay or we may not be feeling our best in body, mind, and spirit. We may be feeling isolated and alone. We may be struggling to get back to a new-normal. We may be struggling to feel our best and struggling to reconnect. That’s why we need Good Company.

BeeWell Gatherings are basically meetings of Good Company. We’ll come together to share our challenges and struggles, physical, mental, or other. We’ll come together to listen and to be heard. We’ll learn from one another’s challenges and struggles. I’ve noticed that our struggles and challenges are often not so different form one another. What one person shares and questions, helps others on their journey. Let’s come together and help one another.

Let’s journey together. We’ll support each other. We may even choose to create a plan, focus, or goal (or whatever) for the coming month, collectively or individually. We’ll know we are being supported along the way, that we’re not alone, and that we have accountability and a check-in at the next gathering.

This first month of BeeWell Gatherings will give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and talk about what kind of support we need and what would be helpful. I’ll be there to create a theme for the month (if needed) and to facilitate the discussion so that we all have an opportunity to share and be heard and have the opportunity to listen.

We’ll build from this first gathering for the gatherings to come. Gatherings are posted for the first Friday of each month through April 2022.

The next Yoga Teacher Trainings begin in January and February of 2022

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