Greetings for October

Fall is a time of changes and it’s important to establish really solid routines. It’s really important to “settle”. So, after a messy few months of testing and changing and dealing with changes, we are settling (with deep apologies to those who struggled with me):

We are back on Schedulicity. All Classes, Workshops (including Zoom Yoga and special classes), Consultations, Body Treatments (with myself or Carolyn) can be scheduled here. The plan is to stay here! It’s worked, it’s working, and there are some new changes to it that should make all the things that have been challenging…easier. 

Online scheduling

Settled. We’re settling. 

Now that summer is officially, and unarguably, over, I am also offering some brand new classes and familiar classes are returning. UPCOMING OFFERINGS:

Full Moon Yoga November 19th and December 18th (these will take place in the studio) at 6pm. Yes, the raffle is happening too. 

–NEW CLASS: Dark Night Yoga on the Winter Solstice. Please have yoga experience to attend this one; there will be time during class where we will be practicing in the Dark. 

–BRAND NEW: BeeWell Gathering: Keep Good Company. We all need support and Good Company.  For now, these classes will take place on Zoom. These Gatherings are designed to be a place where we can discuss all aspects of life and our struggles (and triumphs). A place where we can support one another to make healthy shifts and cheer one another on. They are scheduled monthly beginning in December. The first is Friday December 3rd. 

Ayurveda 101 & Yoga Live Call is on November 5th at 6pm on Zoom. If you’re a graduate, or student, of this on-line program, you will automatically be added to the Zoom List. If you’d like to join the ten (or at your own pace) week on line program, it’s open to everyone who is looking for more than a yoga class is able to offer!! 

Yoga Teacher Training begins anew in 2022. We are offering trainings to become a teacher and trainings for 200 hour teachers to continue the Journey. Please reach out for information and to apply. Our classes are in person, small, and intimate; don’t wait, these trainings will fill up. 

We can’t forget the weekly classes:

Yoga on Zoom every Monday at 9:30am. There’s a recording from each class, so it’s really: no excuses yoga. Sign up. Commit to your personal home practice!!

Wednesdays at 6pm: Good Company Yoga in the Church/Meetinghouse.

STUDENT TAUGHT CLASSES (please read carefully to attend; they have different class registration rules): Our current YTT students are finishing up their practicums. Mondays at 6 OR 6:15pm into November. These classes are free.  OF NOTE: if you register through here (me), I will pass you on to the individual teacher for that night to be sure there is space. Part of their training is to manage their classes.  WATCH: the times for these classes, there are a few scheduling changes.

Whew. I think that does it for now. Settled. Settling. And reestablishing. Breathe and remember that this moment, this Now, is perfect. Be in this Now and embrace and choose Happiness and Healing. 

BeeWell & Namaste,


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