October’s New Moon

This new moon is in the Libra sign. Communication. Relationships. Balance.

New Moons are about new beginnings, take just a little more time (a day or two) for planning and turning inward, and then move into the active phase. It’s time to get to work. Take this time to set an intention for balance in your relationships, balance with your voice, and balance in your life.

You might have been reflecting on balance. Look back at your journaling or/and reflect on your thoughts since the Full Moon. After reflecting on the Full Moon Prompts, WRITE DOWN YOUR INTENTION in one succinct positive sentence:

THEN ACTION STEPS: What are you going to actively do to find balance in thought, word, and deed? Are your habits in balance or out of control? Are you working too hard or lazing too much? Are you forgetting to eat or eating too much? Are you moving too much or moving too little? Are you speaking too much or stifling your Voice? Where is your life out of balance and how can you begin to tip the scales back into neutral?

Set your intention and create your action steps. And begin. The new moon gives you loads of energy to begin and grow. After all, we’re heading into a growing (waxing) moon next. Use this energy to take care of yourself, find balance, and practice “the middle path” (Goldie Locks: not to much, not too little…just right). When in doubt: practice a balance pose!

Air signs can be like wind: unbalancing. It’s fall, so it’s already windy and unstable. So, if you do nothing else between now and the next phase of the moon: stay grounded and focused on what matters.

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