PLEASE READ: Messy Messy Messy

Please bear with me as I make some final tweaks and changes heading in to Autumn. I was planning to only take July and August off from consultations and body treatments, but life threw some curve balls, including some changes to the scheduling software I was using. You might have noticed the messy-messy-messy options for paying and registering over the past few weeks. Well, I’m in the process of cleaning that up and if you clean like I do, there’s always a bit more of a mess before things settle.

Here’s what you might see (and I apologize for some of these):

–Lots of confirmation emails as I move your scheduled classes from Schedulicity to Setmore. If you received a confirmation from Setmore, it’s for a class you have already scheduled AND paid for (unless I sent you a private message or invoice).

–There is a new link on the Schedule Page to register for any classes you want to sign up for and have not yet done so.

–You can check out the new scheduling page HERE (it’s still under construction, and new to me, so be patient). Here, you will be able to register and pay for classes all in one nice, clean place. You’ll immediately be notified of registration, you’ll get a nice receipt, and a reminder 24 hours before your class. I’m hopeful this will make things easier and more stream-lined for everyone.

OF NOTE FOR STUDENT LED YOGA CLASSES: they are each managed by the individual teacher; if you register thru me I will check with the teacher regarding space and then reach out personally to you to give you a final confirmation.

–I will also likely be sending out messages and reminders as things settle in to the final shift and change, especially for my Zoom Friends. Again, apologies if you are one of the lucky ones to get overly bombarded with transitional messages. But, this is a good thing, it’s means you spend a lot of time with me, which means you spend a lot of time focused on self care and learning!!

–Remember, you can always reach out to me if you are unsure how to register for classes. I am happy to help…

Thank you, thank you for your patience, understanding, and continued support. I am hopeful to be offering limited Consultations and Body Treatments again in October.

What can I say, I’m a yoga and Ayurveda teacher, not a tech guru.

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