Ojas: Basic Life Support

This new class: Ojas: Basic Life Support is coming next month. Ojas is the substance of life that resides in the heart and circulates through the body. The stuff that nurtures and nourishes us. The stuff of resilience and immunity.

It’s what’s in “the bucket”, when we talk about our bucket of “life energy”. You know, the stuff we stress away, fritter away, and burn away. The stuff that we are talking about when we talk about rebuilding and refilling when we talk about real, deep, nourishing Self Care.

When it’s gone…it’s gone and we can’t live without it. Rebuilding, nurturing, and nourishing our Ojas is about basic life support. We’ll dig in next month: what it is, why it’s important, how it relates to Vata Pitta Kapha, what the mind has to do with it, and how to support it!! Juicy, juicy stuff a’coming.

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