July: Changes, Classes, & Zoom Registration

There are some changes appearing to classes and payment for classes. Tuesday 6pm and Wednesday 6pm Community Yogas (at Royalston and the North Orange/Tully Church) are drop in class now and you no longer need to pre-register! Yay. If you are vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. Please do so if you are not vaccinated or it would make you feel comfortable.

Important Changes: So I can send you the correct links, and since it’s hard to drop payments into a basket virtually, below are the links to register for Zoom Yoga in July; you will get a verification email when you register and the link to the class on Monday morning of the class (before 9am). Zoom Yoga will continue as long as you are participating! New: Seva Class on the 5th; please message me to join.

Monday Evening Student Taught Yoga continues in July. 6pm on Monday evenings. Prices vary depending on the experience of the teacher who is offering the classes (anywhere between free and $14). In July, you will find Denise teaching on the 5th, Jennifer teaching on the 12th, Jessie teaching her first public class on the 19th, and Jessica teaching her first public class on the 26th. Please reach out to RSVP for these classes!!! I will make sure the teacher adds you to their student list for the day. August 9th and 16th are also open for registration at this time.

Zoom Yoga Registration:

July 5th is a Seva* Class, if you register for another other Zoom Yoga class in July, you will automatically be added to this class. If you ask to be added to this class, you will be added to this class at no cost. It’s a way to give yoga to those who might need yoga, but may not have the resources to take yoga. It’s a gift to those of you who support yoga and Ayurveda.

Zoom Yoga Classes July 12


Zoom Yoga Class July 19


Zoom Yoga Class July 26


*Seva: selfless service with no expectation of return.

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