Week’s Schedule June 21-27

Because June seems to be a month of conflicts and changes, here is the schedule for this coming week (June 21-27):

This week is a much needed NoWork & NoTech Time for me, therefore there are no classes with me early in this week and I will be unavailable to contact. There is a special class on Friday evening!! Things will begin to settle into a more permanent schedule beginning next week and in July. You will see some changes to classes (nothing too drastic) and registration…hopefully to make things run more smoothly!

Monday at 6pm Student Taught Yoga with Denise in the Trillium Studio. Please contact Denise or myself (PM or use the contact page before Sunday evening) to RSVP. I will send your information along to Denise to finalize your registration. These classes are offered by students of the YTT program and are entirely overseen by the individual teachers.

Friday at 6pm is Fire Pit Yoga at Trillium. I call this month’s outdoor yoga the Turtle Yoga class, as sometimes the Momma Turtle comes to lay her eggs in June. Please remember that this class takes place out doors and comes with all that Mother Nature might offer. RSVP: message me, use the contact’s page, or register under “workshop” below.

Sneak Peek: Monday Zoom classes continue. July 5th is a Seva* Class and is free for anyone to join. All other Zoom classes are $10 (the recording is included, so you can do yoga in your own time during the week). Please message me (PM or contact’s page) or RSVP HERE to register for July’s Monday Zoom Classes.

July’s Outdoor Fire Pit & Full Moon Yoga is Friday July 23rd. Please reserve your spot by messaging me (PM or contact’s page). $12/class. Your RSVP holds your spot, please pay when you arrive. This makes it easier if we must cancel due to Mother Nature.

Please remember that these things are prohibited from the Trillium Studio: Food & Drinks (you may bring plain water, if you require it), Cell phones must be OFF or in AIRPLANE MODE (in addition to the potential disruptions, the energetics of cell phones disrupts the energetics of quiet space), and shoes are not allowed.

*Seva: selfless service with no expectation of return.

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