Unexpected Schedule Changes

Life can throw curveballs, so due to the unexpected, I will not be able to teach this week and (likely) next. Some things have changed, some things have cancelled.

Here’s how this coming week will look:

Monday Night Yoga 6pm with Denise (a graduate of our YTT program) still has one opening left.

Wednesday Night Yoga will be covered by Jennifer both this week and next week. Please RSVP using the link below; it’s under “classes”.

Fire Pit Yoga changes: Wild Turkeys and Trilliums mix well. Fire Pit Yoga is moving to Friday night at 6pm this week and will be taught by Melanie of Wild Turkey Yoga! This outdoor class is open to all levels and should be wildly fun. Be prepared for all that outdoor yoga might bring. Please RSVP using the link below; it’s under “workshops”.

Monday Zoom Yoga is CANCELLED this week. If you were preregistered, you have been refunded.

Tuesday Night Yoga in Royalston is CANCELLED this week.

We’re yogis. We’re flexible. It’s going to be a great week!!

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected Schedule Changes

  1. Charlotte,

    Hope you are okay and sending 💜



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    1. I am ok. Just needing a little extra Self Care and healing time!!


  2. Hi Charlotte, this is Yvonne, I would come to Denise’s class if the opening is not yet taken.

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