Summer is Coming

And that means Pitta is in the air.

It’s time to plan for summer and summer’s heat and extremes of summer. We usually know who we are and if summer is a challenge time for you it’s time to prepare. There is a link below to Banyan Botanicals where you will find almost everything you need for Self Care to beat summer’s heat and manage Pitta.

For some extra potent items, you will find a link to Kerala. For summer, I particularly love their Ksheera Bala oil. This is a great oil for usually dry skin and excess Vata, but it won’t overheat Pitta. A perfect oil to nourish and balance both VP. This is also where you will find some of the items I use for pain and injury management.

It’s also time to order your Pitta Self Care Kit. If you’re unfamiliar with Self Care Kits, they come out three times a year. One for each of the doshic seasons and the next one is Pitta. It includes spices and salts for Pitta. Skin care for Pitta…this is the kit that includes the Shatavri Face Ghee that everyone has been raving about. And more. These Kits are made to order and must be ordered by June 1st for pick up or to be shipped in mid June.

Keep your eyes peeled. Each season tips for the season and tips for the trouble spots in the season come out. Look for some breathing practices and tips for self care to post here soon. We’ve been exploring Breath in practice and there’s more to it than just the practice itself!!!

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