April Newsletter

Spring is blooming. There are crocuses and snowdrops. The daffodils are ready to open. The hyacinths are peeking. The peepers are peeping. The birds are twitterpated. The hammock is out and the fire pit is cleaned. Spring is here!

If you missed them, here’s a sample of Blog Posts from March: Tips for Spring & Spring Ahead Tips. The Blog is the place to go to search for tips and information, as well as the place to go to be the first in the know.

Here’s what’s happening:
AMY: A Month of Yoga: has been discontinued to make space for real, live classes again…

Please don’t worry, Monday Zoom Yoga continues. It’s live on Mondays at 9:30am plus there’s the recording to watch whenever you like. A few of the classes through the year are prerecorded due to scheduling conflicts, but are labeled if it’s not a last minute change. There are also some “Seva*” (free) classes peppered in through the year to enjoy. April 26th will be prerecorded.

Back in session is Yoga in Royalston. Our first class is on April 13th at 6pm, back in the town hall. There is no yoga on April 27th. May 4th is in question, so keep your eyes peeled for that date to finalize.

Wednesday 6pm evening Yoga will be coming back to the Trillium Studio in May. We are not ready to have classes back at the North Orange Church at this point, so please join us here for now. Space is very limited, so you must RSVP.

It’s warming up and outdoor yoga resumes. Our first class will be Earth Day Yoga by the fire pit on April 22nd at 6pm. You must RSVP using the link below for the class but pay when you arrive. That way, if the weather is crummy and we have to cancel, we won’t have to sort out refunds. Please bring everything you need for outdoor yoga, including outdoor friendly mats and extra layers.

New this year is Student Taught Yoga. On Monday evenings starting in May, students and graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training will be offering the yoga classes. This is an opportunity for student and new teachers to practice and an opportunity for you to join yoga for a nominal fee. May’s classes are free to join, but due to the limited class size (due to extra Covid precautions), space is limited; you must RSVP and/or join the “wait list” for a spot.

There are limited appointments for Consultations and Body treatments in April and May. Please book your appointments soon. Zoom and live are available.

The link to Schedulicity will bring you to all the classes, workshops, and appointments available. Please be sure to check under BOTH classes and workshops for yoga. Zoom and Fire Pit Yoga is under “workshops”, not classes.

Other tidbits: The next Q&A call for Ayurveda 101 and Yoga will be on May 3rd at 7pm. This call is open to anyone enrolled in the on-line Ayurveda & Yoga program and to all those who have completed the program. After all, yoga and Ayurveda are lifelong journeys.

The next Mentor Call for Yoga Teachers in on May 30th at 12:30. This call is open to all teachers in need of Sangha** and support along the way of building a teaching practice.

Happy Spring. Enjoy the beautiful breezes, the gently blooming flowers, and the gift of the sun. Be kind to one another. Be kind to yourself.

Love & BeeWell,

*Seva: an offering back, done so with love and no expectation of return or reward.
**Sangha: Community; Good Company

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