Kapha Essentials Kit

Your Spring Self Care Kit should be in your hands, or coming very soon. Each Kit includes a letter that tells you what’s in the Kit and how to use each item. For something new, here’s a video of what’s in your Kit! This is for those who got a Kit and would like a bit more information than can be included in a letter. It’s also for those who have been wondering…what’s in a Kit. Enjoy.

Pitta Essential Kits (ORDER HERE) must be ordered and paid for by June 1 to ship/pick-up mid June (message me or order on-line). Kits are ordered in advance and made per order and there are rarely extras after they have been made *.

*There may be one extra Kapha/ Spring Kit available…I always hold one back in case there are shipping disasters. Please reach out if you’d like to claim it. First come…

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