Vata to Kapha News

We’re beginning that transition. The one where we move from the instability of Vata and then everything holds completely…


before we transition to the stability of Kapha’s later winter and spring.

It’s a big shift and often a challenging one.

Biggest Tip ( more will come out on the blog post for spring): keep moving. Move your body, move your lungs, move your digestion, move your mind (mindfully). Kapha likes to get stuck. Don’t. Don’t let things get stuck in body, mind, and (because here we are) in your lungs!

Practice Yoga, Breath-work, and establish Nature Nourishment (hike and walks and saunters) as soon as you can (now is a good time to start).

Live Classes are on hold, but Zoom Yoga Classes continue. They take place each Monday morning 9:30-10:45 (there was a typo in the new year newsletter). You will also receive the recording for the week, if you can’t make Monday mornings or would like to practice, practice, practice. Register under “workshop” below. $10/class.

NEW for 2021: A Month of Yoga (A-M-Y)! Please register for February soon. You may register any time until the end of February, but the sooner you register, the longer you have with the practice. Before the first of each month, you will receive a link to the website page and password to access the month’s yoga. There will be four yoga classes, plus at least three bonus videos (self care, breath work, meditation, and the like). The classes and bonus videos are themed appropriately for the month/season. The month expires on the 7th of the following month. A Month of Yoga runs January through March as a “test run”. $40 for each month of classes; register under “workshop” below (registration is open for February and March; the link is listed on the last day of the month you wish to register for).

Essential Ayurveda Self Care Kits for Kapah/spring must be ordered this week. These Kits come out in February (Kapha/Spring), June (Pitta/Summer), and early October (Vata/Fall/early Winter). Each Kit must be ordered in advance and is ready for pick up or delivery in the appropriate month. Message me or order here: Ayurveda Essentials Kits

If you’re interested in diving into Ayurveda and Yoga, we offer Ayurveda 101 & Yoga (for everyone). Our ten week online program is ongoing and although it’s entirely done at your own pace, we have a suggested start date of February 22, 2021 to be on pace with check in Zoom Calls on March 29th and May 3rd. Register below under “workshop”.

Please reach out if you are interested in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Happy Winter. And Happy Beginnings of Spring!!

Love & BeeWell,

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