Sneak Peek: January’s A Month of Yoga

You were curious about what A Month of Yoga looks like. Well, here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming on January 1st.

When you register for A Month of Yoga, you get the passcode to the January webpage that looks like this, but it will have the links to the recordings. Each month, there will be at least four yoga classes and at least three extra/supplemental videos perfect for the current month/season. These links are only available during their respective month. A Month of Yoga is open for REGISTRATION through March.

This is different and separate from Trillium Zoom Yogas which are recorded live each Monday at 9:30am (the recording is available for the week).


A class weaving the Myth of Winter: You will want two blocks and a blanket for this practice.

Yoga of Spirit: You will want two blocks and a blanket for this practice.

Yin/Brahmana: You will want a bolster, two blocks, and two blankets. You can modify with pillows and such as well.

A Sun Salutation for January: You may want two blocks and a blanket.


Dinacharya: A practice in Self Care for Winter: You will want a bottle of oil. Please reach out if you are unsure what type of oil would be best for your constitution for this time of year. In general, a sesame oil is good for winter.


Variations on Alternate Nostril Breathing

First week:

Second week:

Third and Fourth weeks:

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