Welcome 2021: A Year for Movement, Nourishment, & Stillness

A long overdue newsletter…and you can tell, it’s also long. But I’ve highlighted parts you might be looking for.

Whether you’re celebrating with cocktails or mocktails, welcome 2021.

What a long strange trip it has been this past year. I think it has been a year to remind us of our core values and our place as human beings. Maybe coming back to more “being” rather than “doing”. A time to come back to what it is we truly value and care about.

In a way, this past year has felt a bit like an exam. Asking us how resilient we are in body, mind, and spirit? Like every practice (and honestly, like every exam is supposed to be), it’s to show us where we are strong and where we are weak. Not to judge ourselves, but to learn. Where can I do better? How can I make myself more resilient in mind, body, and spirit?

Once we are stable, then we can support others. Perhaps, once we find our balance, we realize that we have a bigger purpose in this world than we thought. We have the ability to affect bigger change than we ever thought possible. Maybe it’s small and it ripples forth like raindrops on a lake, quietly touching others. Maybe it’s big, like the roar and crash of ocean waves, with a voice determined to be heard. We each have our own gifts and by being Good Company for one another we build a web of Good.

That brings me to Yoga and Ayurveda. Keystones in balance and resilience. Both so needed in our lives and the world. What’s happening? There’s lots of choices for wherever experience or comfort level you’re coming from. Choose Movement, Nourishment, and Stillness.

Things are still a bit in flux as we head into a new year, but some goodies are here to stay and some new things are coming. First, please reach out if you’re in need of a gift certificate or would like to purchase classes as a gift. You may contact me via email, text, or call.

Live Classes are in flux. As of this writing, there are no live classes taking place.

Please keep your eyes peeled for North Orange Church Yoga and Royalston to resume as well as class series to open at the Trillium Studio. Keep your eyes peeled for more Mindful Outdoor Hikes.

Zoom Classes will continue into 2021, with a small increase in price to support the platform and fees of teaching on line. They take place each Monday morning at 9:30-10:15 (this is a slight change; a good one, I hope). The recording is sent to your email to practice during the week if you can’t make the live time. Register under “workshop” below. $10/class.

NEW: Yoga for the Month! You asked for more on-line classes and here they are. Once your register, before the first of each month, you will receive a link to the website page and password to access a month of yoga. There will be a minimum of four yoga classes (video and audio), plus at least three bonus videos of self care, breath work, meditation, and the like. A Month of Yoga begins in January through March as a “test run”. $40 for each month of classes; register under “workshop” below (registration is open).

Essential Ayurveda Self Care Kits are essential for 2021. These Kits come out in February (Kapha/Spring), June (Pitta/Summer), and early October (Vata/Fall/early Winter). Each Kit must be ordered in advance and is ready for pick up or delivery in the appropriate month.
Ayurveda Essentials Kits

For the t-shirt lovers afraid they were gone for good, we are placing an order for Trillium Ayurveda & Yoga with a Bit of Bliss t-shirts in January. Each t-shirt or tunic is perfect for yoga, lounging, and more. They are so soft and cozy. Please order before January 18th. The order will place on the 18th and I’ll notify you as soon as they arrive. $28/t-shirt and $35/long sleeved tunic. Visit the website for colors and styles.

Yoga Teacher Training continues in 2021. After many reschedules and changes to plans, both 200 hour (first step to becoming a yoga teacher) and 300 hour (advanced Teacher Training) are happening. Both are full year programs from January to December. Please visit the website for more information and to apply…there are VERY few slot(s) left in each (class size is extremely limited this coming year for Covid safety).

We also are offering Zoom Mentorships for new (and experienced) teachers. Sometimes it can feel lonely out there teaching. We meet six times a year to gather together and support and learn with one another. Please register below, under “workshop”.

If you’re interested in diving into Ayurveda and Yoga, we offer Ayurveda 101 & Yoga (for everyone). This is great for those interested in learning more as educators, yoga teachers, health care workers, and others working in the wellness fields. It is also great for family care and deepening self care for really understanding the essential why’s and how’s and then applying them. Our ten week online program is ongoing and although it’s at your own pace, we have a suggested start date of February 22, 2021 to be on pace with check in Zoom Calls on March 29th and May 3rd. Register below under “workshop”.

Phew…that’s a lot to dig through. Something for everyone. Enjoy.

Wishing you and yours an amazing close to 2020 and a happy, healthy, and resilient New Year.

Love & BeeWell,

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