Closure Updates

All in person classes have been canceled until next year. Luckily, next year is only a few weeks away. We may have to cancel a bit into the New Year as well, but for now, let’s just worry about the next few weeks. Please keep your eyes peeled for reopening.

In the meantime, there are Zoom Monday classes. You may choose to join the “live” group at 9:30am on Monday or watch the recording at your own convenience (each recording stays posted until the next Monday’s recording is in your inbox). If you’ve never done a Zoom Yoga classes and you’re not sure about it, reach out, I’m happy to register you for a trial class. 2021 Zoom Yoga classes will be open for registration next weekend.

2021 will have a second on-line yoga option. You may choose to invest in a month of yoga. This option includes a minimum of four yoga classes (video and audio) plus three extra classes appropriate for the season (they may include breath-works, meditations, self care, and/or the like).

Look for the New Year Newsletter to post this week with all the details of what’s coming! Hopefully, we will be gathering together for real live community yoga again very soon.

Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year.

Love & BeeWell, Charlotte
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