2021 Scholarship

We* are super excited to announce that we were able to offer our first YTT scholarship. Our hope was to be able to offer a small scholarship to offset the cost of Yoga Teacher Training each year. For 2021, this dream came to fruition. We were able to offer a scholarship that was just enough relief to allow someone to take the program who might otherwise have not been able to.

We’re so proud and honored that you helped to make this happen. Yes, you. We’ve offered classes (Gratitude and Abundance Yoga) that you took and all of the money went directly into the scholarship fund. We offered classes (spring Zoom classes) where a percentage went into the fund. When you purchase products through this website from Banyan Botanicals 5% of your purchase is funneled into the scholarship fund. We also have a scholarship fund donation button. It truly is a group effort and we thank you.

We are offering both YTT 200 hour (new teachers) and YTT 300 hour in 2021. Covid also challenged us as the trainers and we’re going to be navigating double trainings next year. We have a few (a very few slot(s)) in each program, if now’s the time for your yoga teaching dream to unfold. We always offer smaller, intimate programs, but 2021 will be even more intimate to be sure we stay well within Covid guidelines of safety.

There are no scholarships left for 2021, but we are offering a generous payment plan to help alleviate some of the strains that Covid might have brought.

*We means myself and Janet of Bit of Bliss Cape Cod. In case you’re not familiar with the Yoga Teacher Training program and are wondering about my split personality posts. Janet and I run the Yoga School as a team.

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