Let’s Breathe

A no excuses, every day breathing practice. The actual practice starts at about a minute and a half, but there’s a minute and a half of useful things to think about. If you can’t find these six minutes in your day to focus on breathing (especially these days), then go outside for thirty minute every day and breath deeply instead, ideally surrounded by trees. You need it.

This six minute breath work practice every day can go a long way help support and alleviate some of the challenges that our lungs and nervous system is experiencing from wearing masks. It can help to calm the body and the mind and unite all the aspects of our body into a cohesive, well functioning whole. This breath work is super beginner friendly. You can’t do it wrong (unless you’re deliberately choosing to do so). Simply, sit down, anywhere (within reason), and turn on the audio.

Enjoy. Rest your body. Rest your mind. Rest your breath.

If you are getting this in your email box, you may have to click to the actual blog post to access the audio.

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