Vata Derangement

Vata is our unruly dosha. Vata is unstable, windy, cold, irregular. All those things that are influenced by those qualities are enhanced by Vata in the environment. The aspects of anxiety and fear in particular. Sound familiar? Maybe you’re feeling some of these qualities in your self.

Vata is balanced by solid routines. Those things that are the opposite of its own qualities, so stability, groundedness, warmth. Think warm blankets, hot tea, and warm comfort foods–but easy to digest too, as Vata digestion can be irregular too.

Vata is soothed by knowing what to expect when. Vata may LIKE a messy organizer, but Vata is not SOOTHED by a messy organizer.

Do you feel like every time you establish a new routine or establish a new schedule the rug gets ripped out from under you these days?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by life as it is…the obstacles and and inconveniences

Are you happily replanning and then the next day scribbling out those plans? Is it beginning to overwhelm you? Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and fearful?

I’d like to introduce you to another aspect of Vata that we tend to forget when we focus on her faults:

Joy & Enthusiasm

Vata is the dosha that rules Joy and Enthusiasm. As you adapt the the changes life throws at you, can you find the Joy? Can you find enthusiasm for life as it is? Can you laugh?

Instead of being undone by Vata’s qualities, can you use those qualities to Adapt, be Uplifted, and cultivate Joy? Be enthusiastic for life and all it brings!!!

Two hints to focus on:

Remember what brings you Joy and use Vata’s extra force right now to support those things instead of anxiety and fear.

Focus on what you can control: eat on a regular schedule and go to bed and wake up on a regular schedule. Where can you establish unbreakable routines? Establish and focus on those things. Remember that in every moment, you have a choice. Those choices ripple out.

Choose Joy & Choose Utsaha

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