Vata Self Care Kits

Lots of “vata derangement” out there this fall. The usual fall wind and air that can blow us off balance. The special for this year extra wind and instability. It’s the perfect year not to skimp on Self Care practices.

No worries if you missed out on a Kit, there are loads of tips posted on the Blog. There may not be Kits left, but some of the items are available for purchase. Like a nice grounding, stabilizing, and strengthening oil. A nourishing, yet uplifting, body scrub. There are even a few jars of Autumn spices, freshly awakened and ground and blended for the season.

Note for the “hoarder”. You know who you are. Use up your kit. Everything in it. It always works better if you use it. Consistently.

Happy fall. Here’s some tips: Autumn Tips

The extras have been snatched up before they even posted. Don’t miss out on Kapha Kits for Spring. Order early-details to follow.
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