September’s New Moon

This new moon is in the Virgo sign. Earth and nature. Stability. Home. Planning and structure. It is aligned with self care and good service.

New Moons are about new beginnings, take a little more time for planning and turning inward, and then move into the active phase. It’s time to get to work. Take this time to set an intention for self care and good service. Then begin…

You might have been reflecting on self care and getting in tune with your physical body. Your personal “earth”. What thoughts have you had about your “earth” and your self care?

After reflecting on the Full Moon Prompts, WRITE DOWN YOUR INTENTION in one succinct positive sentence:

THEN ACTION STEPS: What are you going to actively do to support self care, “earth” care. Virgo helps us to focus on the details, so focus on the details: I will (blank). I will (blank). I will not eat cookies after 8pm. I will drink a mug of herbal tea first thing each morning. I will go on a daily walk at noon. I will (blank). I will (blank). I will practice yoga every morning. What can you do to make yourself feel your best every day? Set your goals and use the energy of the growing moon to grow and follow through.

Set your intention and create your action steps. And begin. The new moon gives you loads of energy to begin and grow. After all, we’re heading into a growing (waxing) moon next. Use this energy to take care of yourself, your ‘earth’, the Earth. Use this energy to get very specific. focus on the details.

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