Ayurveda and Yoga Trainings

It’s been a journey of navigating some choppy waters these day, but when the course changes, you sometimes get to look at the direction you’re taking and make some changes. We are super excited to be offering some new opportunities out of these challenges.

First, we are offering Ayurveda 101 and Yoga: Steeping yourself in Wisdom. This ten week on-line program begins on September 18th and is open the students of yoga, students of Ayurveda, and students of life. Everyone is welcome. Check out the video below for more details.

This program is the first step in our 2021 300 hour YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) program, which is has also undergone some changes. Here are the (dare I say, final?) changes for the program. We have made a big shift to the program and made it possible to complete the training in 2021 as our currents students may have planned. The 300 hour training will begin in January instead of March and be offered one weekend a month from January to December, with a break in July and August. We have also shifted the times so that it takes place Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. We hope this is helpful for those of you who work on Fridays. If you had your heart set on breaking the program up over a few years, please reach out to us for options.

2021 Dates: January 15-17, February 19-21, March 19-21, April 16-18, May 14-16, June 18-20 (plus a full day retreat day on the 12th), September 17-19, October 15-17, November 19-21, and December 10-12. The training will still follow the three themes laid out in the module format.

There will likely be NO 300 hour training in 2022. 200 hour training is scheduled for 2021.

Please watch the video below for a peek:

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