September Full Moon

Virgo makes the world a better place, one detail at a time. –Sitron

Full Moons are about fruition and letting go. They are the pinnacle of not being attached to outcomes. All that you’ve worked on from August’s new moon until now should be coming to full growth. Relish your success, learn from your failures, and let go the fruits of your labors. Let your growth be perfect exactly as it is. It will never be perfectly perfect. It’s time to celebrate, so celebrate and then let it go. Don’t hold on to success. Don’t hold on to failures.

After the celebration, the moon begins to wane. Use this time to think about what you’ve learned from previous projects and goals and dreams. Turn inward to reflect and think about opportunities for moving forward. It’s not a time for doing after the moon fades from fullness, but a time for self reflection and diving inside.

Dive inside.

We’re into the moons of Virgo. It might be a good time to think about being in tune with your physical body. Do not plunge ahead into doing, but Just BE. Ask yourself: what might self care and good habits mean to you? It’s Autumn, it’s time to tune into the rhythms and habits that keep you balanced and well.

  • How are you feeling?
  • How might your food choices and movement choices and stillness choices shift with the shifting season?
  • What can you do to cultivate better daily routines?
  • What can you do to be more organized and productive?
  • What is your relationship to stability and security? What can you do to feel more grounded?
  • Write it down: take stock of your life and note where you could use gentle shifts.
  • Once you have cared for yourself, what do you have to offer back to the world around you?

It’s a great time to journal. They’ll be plenty of time for doing later. Now, it’s time to dream, putter, and watch the transformation of trees. Look at your personal harvest and plan for the fall. Just plan. Doing comes after the new moon. Now, it’s a time to reflect. Look at the moon and reflect. Use your senses: see, hear, feel, smell, and taste…what is Autumn offering?

Photo by Wellington Cunha

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