Making Time for Outdoors

We need fresh air. We need fresh air more than ever now. It’s time to begin to establish routines for the fall. Stable, regular, familiar rhythms in our day that bring us comfort and that sense of knowing what to expect when. Ideally, things in your day you look forward to.

It can feel confining to wear a mask all day long. Counter this by going outside and breathing. Take a mini break from work. Fresh air just might be just what you need.

Get outside. It doesn’t matter the weather. You can stand or sit under the eaves. You can wear a good rain coat or cozy, warm sweater. You might choose to allow yourself to get wet or a little bit uncomfortable. I think it was Jane Austen who said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad dress.

Get that mask off, go outside, and take deep breaths. Or just sit and watch the grass grow while you drink a mug of tea or a cup of coffee. That’s fine too. Maybe you want to do a couple of yoga poses. Just three, don’t make it a big production. Just get outside.

Here’s the particulars for those of you who like “assignments” or “homework”.

Start your day outside, even if it’s just for three minutes. Establish the routine. Get up, do (blank), and right after that sit or stand on the deck (or in your yard) and watch the day awaken. Don’t read, don’t do work, just be.

End your day outside. Maybe this means coming home from work and going outside. This time, it might be nice to sit or walk or stretch. Use a bit of movement or breathing to shed the work day. It doesn’t have to be long. It can be just three minutes. That’s it. Don’t write a to-do list, don’t listen to music, don’t check your facebook, just be.

Maybe this means that you go outside before going to bed to see what the sky is up to tonight. It changes. Breathe, connect to the rhythms of the night, then settle in for a good night’s sleep.

Again, it might be helpful to “link”. Do this, and after (blank), go outside for my three minutes. “Linking” to an already existing habit, helps to establish and firm up new habits.

Six minutes of your day. Outside. Breathing fully. Three in the morning. Three in the evening. Bookend your day with nature and health.

Here’s a post from a teacher of mine who says that one of the best things you can do for your kids is to drink your coffee outside. Enjoy!!

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