August News

Welcome to August!! The beginning of the harvest as the grains come into fruition and begin to scatter their seeds. Birds and critters begin squirreling away for the winter. Seasonally, August is when we too begin preparing for fall and winter; this applies to self care as well, so if you know fall is a challenge season for you (Vata: dry, cold, and unstable), it’s time to prepare. Make your self care appointments for fall, order a Vata Ayur-Kit, and begin to cool off and slow down.

Things are beginning to open up. This is the plan for August (things are subject to change depending on the current local “climate”):

COMMUNITY YOGA: Royalston Yoga returns on Tuesday nights at 6pm (this is a time change). We will be in the yard behind the library for fresh air and plenty of space!! YAY!!! All donations toward these classes support the Friends of the Library. No registration required.

Wednesday evening classes at 6pm are temporarily located at the Trillium studio (they willreturn to the Meetinghouse/Church in N. Orange when it is safe to do so). Space is limited to 5, so that we will be able to do some of the practice safely without masks (be prepared to wear your mask during parts of practice). If you are not comfortable with indoor classes yet, please continue with Zoom or outdoor classes in Royalston. Registration is open for August under CLASSES. $15/class (maximum of 5 and a minimum of 4).

ZOOM YOGA: Zoom yoga will continue on Mondays at 9:30am, with the recording available for the week to watch. These Zoom classes help to keep you on target with your weekly yoga practice. You get to practice at your own convenience, in your own space, and it’s easy to modify to meet your own needs. Registration through the end of the year is open (use schedule now button below under WORKSHOP). $8/class; please contact me if reduced pricing is necessary.

I’ve tried to create options for everyone’s comfort level and budget.

CLINICAL PRACTICE: I am beginning to work with one on one clients again. I have very limited schedule (Wednesdays only) for consultations and am tentatively scheduling body treatment appointments in September (I will cancel appointments if it seems appropriate to do so). Please contact me directly for available dates and times. Don’t hesitate to book in advance; available appointments will fill up quickly.

SELF CARE AYUR-KITS: Vata/Autumn and Winter’s Self Care Ayur-Kit come out in mid October. Remember that if Fall and Winter are a challenge season for you it’s good to plan ahead. Ordering a Vata Kit will support your wellness through the season. The Sleepy Bird special starts in August: ORDER $70 per Kit (plus shipping, if required). Deadline to order is October 1st.

POP UP CLASSES: They continue popping up here and there. Typical of Summer, not very consistently. Recordings post on the Blog and are available for the month. You must RSVP for any “live” on Zoom pop ups; use the schedule now button below to explore and register (they will be listed under WORKSHOPS as they pop up).

YOGA TRAININGS: The Yoga School is open and taking applications. Maybe you’ve been doing deep self reflection and have considered becoming a yoga teacher. The next 200 hour training begins in January. If you are already a yoga teacher and want to advance your education, 300 hour module one (Yoga & Ayurveda) begins in September (space is very limited). The Yoga and Ayurveda module has a component for personal development and wellness through Ayurveda (you don’t have to be a teacher for these parts) on the Sat and Sun of the weekends in September and October. 300 hour module two (Pranayama and Meditation) begins in March. Modules can be taken in any order, but must be completed within three years. Visit TrilliumAyurveda for more information and to begin the application process.

Enjoy the gifts of Summer. Stop to explore the flowers. Remember to make time for a visit to the water’s edge. Watch the fire flies dance.

Love & BeeWell,Charlotte

Register using the button below; Zoom RSVP is under “WORKSHOPS” and Live class RSVP is under “CLASSES”. You must RSVP for Zoom and Wednesday evening classes to attend!!!

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