Yoga Classes for July

Let’s start with a couple of classes. I have posted two sessions: July 15th and July 29th at 6pm (arrive at least five minutes early). There will be strict guidelines for these classes:

  • You MUST wear a mask (unless you have a medical condition that makes it unsafe for you to do so).
  • You MUST maintain social distancing (yes, this means no hugs).
  • The class is limited to SEVEN people.

Classes will temporarily take place in the studio at Trillium (131 Athol Road in N. Orange) and here are some helpful hints. Park anywhere in front of the garage (yes, you may block garage doors). Enter through the garage entrance (a bathroom is located straight down this hall). Everyone is here for yoga so don’t worry too much about “double parking”.

The setting is different than community classes and studio guidelines apply:

  • NO LATE ENTRY: please show up at least 5 minutes early for class; there will be no entry after 5:55pm.
  • Leave your shoes and cell phones (turned OFF) on the shelf at the bottom of the stairs (or in your car).
  • No food and beverages (water only) must have a cover or be left downstairs.
  • As you go upstairs, enter the studio quietly and maintain quiet tones or silence as you settle (this includes carefully and respectfully rollling out your mat).
  • If you have not paid, there is a basket on the bookcase at the top of the stairs.
  • The large cabinet in the studio has extra props, but I strongly suggest that you bring your own.
  • I will be sitting quietly on my mat, but let me know if you have any health concerns or limitations that I should know about before we begin.
  • Please hold questions and comments until the end of class (unless it is a question of safety); this is your own turning inward experience and practice.

You must register for this class via Schedulicity. If there is no space, place yourself on the “wait list”. To be as fair as possible, I will follow the wait list order on Schedulicity if there are cancellations. July’s classes will help guide me to make changes to protocols for August, if needed.

These classes are $15 and there are no discounts. Please feel free to continue to take Zoom Yoga on Mondays for $5 (or whatever you can afford). There are also Pop Up classes throughout the month on the Blog and Zoom to enjoy for free.

Photo Credit: Karolina Grabowska

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