Pitta Ayur-Kits (Summer)

Pitta’s Ayur-Kit (Summer) is in your hands or on the way. Below you will find the Kit letter with some tips for Summer that you might find useful even if you didn’t purchase a Kit. If you purchased Pitta’s Ayur-Kit, this letter was with your goodies.

Vata will be the next Self Care Ayur-Kit and will be ready for pick up or shipping in mid October. You must order your Kit by October 1st to guarantee a Kit (I rarely have any extras). There are early bird specials for ordering and paying in advance, so you don’t miss out, order today (the link is under the image).

Dear Ayur-Kit Lovers and Newbies~

It’s June and we’re already feeling the heat of summer and that’s the big trouble spot of summer…it’s hot.  It’s really hot.  Not only is summer hot, but it’s a seasonal extreme that can easily unbalance us.  This is extra troublesome for any personality types that naturally carry an excess of heat.  Our Pittas.  

Pitta and Summer Tip #1: (you guessed it) Stay Cool!!  Take cool showers, take a dip in a cool lake, bask under the cool moonlight, give yourself your own “time outs” before your temper heats up.  See, it’s simple.  Don’t forget to also cool from the inside out, but stay away from ice (there’s a blog post on the website for more information on why no ice).  Use cooling herbs and teas, cooling oils, and eat a cooling diet (think Summer Foods and seasonal eating).  

I’ve filled a box with decadent and cooling tools to help you through the season.  Staying cool will go a long way for alleviating Pitta.  

For Vata and Kapha:  We’ve just come off of spring’s heavy dampness so those Kapha qualities should be alleviating in us.  If this is not a case, Kapha is really out of balance and needs deeper management.  As we move through Summer, be watchful of overheating to the point of drying out.  Autumn (Vata season) is next and we don’t want to go into autumn already over-dry.  Eat apples when they come into season; they balance summer and autumn (pitta and vata).  

I hope you enjoy your Kit.  Please contact me if you have any questions along the way.  Keep your eyes peeled on the blog/website for extra tips and pop up classes.  If you enjoy your Kit, please feel free to post your joys and comments on the blog or Facebook page!  

Namaste.  Have a refreshing, cool, and lovely summer.  The next Ayur-Kit is scheduled for Autumn: please order by October 1st.  Feel free to place your order today to get the  best early bird specials.  

Love & BeeWell, Charlotte at Trillium Ayurveda & Yoga

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