Pitta (Summer) Ayur-Kit

An Ayur-Kit says: remember your self care; you are important and it matters!

*There will be Pitta/Summer Ayur-kits. Please be patient if there is any delay in creation and shipping (things are at a bit slower of a pace this year for getting supplies). You may order your Kit though the link below or send me a message and I will invoice you with your Kit.

It’s time to think about ordering your Pitta Summer Ayur-Kit. Summer is a season of extreme, it pays to plan well. This kit has wonderful tools for cooling the body and soothing the soul. Accepting orders between now and June 1st.  

Each Seasonal/Doshic Ayur-Kit are specially made and are only available to begin each season (February, June, and October). They are packed with tools to help you stay in balance through each of the Ayurvedic seasons.  You don’t have to think about what you need for each season: I do that for you!  An Ayur-Kit lets you try out some of the Ayurvedic seasonal tools for less than the cost of buying these items separately and includes some items found only in an Ayur-Kit.

Ayur-Kits make a great treat for yourself to get you on the right track for a healthy, balanced season.  They make great gifts.

Kapha/Spring: Kapha’s Kit focuses on uplifting and awakening from the inward turning winter month, as well as eliminating any excess build up left over from the season of slowing down.  Order by February 1st for delivery or pick up in mid February.
Pitta/Summer: Pitta’s Kit focuses on cooling inside and out, skin care, self care, and little touch of luxury.  Order by June 1st for delivery or pick up in mid June.
Vata/Autumn/Early Winter: Vata’s Kit is the most nourishing of the kits, with a focus on eliminating excess summer heat and preparing the body & mind for the coming season of extreme cold and depletion. It’s often the most needed Kit for self care. We, too often, slack on our own self care and nourishment. Order by October 1st for delivery or pick up in mid October.

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