Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Continue everything from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

After every meal go for a ten minute walk and/or stretch.

Turn off the TV, Media, Social Media, etc. “Fast” from your sensory “junk food”.

Use Saturday and Sunday to ease back out of your mini cleanse. You may choose to work backwards through the five days until you get back to Monday’s Tips or choose to do the things that will serve you and support you the most to ease out gently. The key is to not leap back into hard to digest foods or too much food or too little food or overly stimulating foods (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc.).

Don’t shock the system. Eat good, whole foods.

Continue one or two things that felt great. That’s is, just one or two things from the week that were perfect for you and long term health. Maybe a daily mug of water, tongue scraping, eliminating something that is a “trigger”.

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Next week, we’ll move from “eliminating” and cleansing to adding in healthy nourishment.

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