Monday Mantra

Without learning how to manage the mind, people continue to react in hurtful ways towards each other. Some people ignore and repress their emotions and struggle with lust, fear, greed, anxiety, jealousy, anger, addiction, and depression.

Many people also meditate daily for years, but still suffer from emotional imbalances. We can see these issues of the mind frequently manifesting in many spiritual organizations where people are meditating, chanting and engaging in devotional practices daily, yet they are still competing for power, instead of working together harmoniously with one heart.

One must see how their mind is operating, so they can gain control of it, and ultimately become truly loving, understanding and accepting of everyone who crosses their path. –Bapaji

Pause and Practice: What habit grooves of the mind are keeping you from becoming your full potential (being authentically you)? What obstacles are in your way? What can’t you let go of that’s holding you back? Are you understanding and accepting of everyone who crosses your path? Are you understanding and accepting of yourself?

Practice Tip: “Realize you’re triggered, Realize it’s you.”

Friday’s Ayurveda and the Mind has been canceled, but you can order the recording of the Zoom version HERE.

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