Ayurveda & The Mind

It’s so important right now to understand the Mind that I am offering two sessions of this class. One is a remote Zoom version on April 15th and the second is the in person session already scheduled for May 8th. The recording of Ayurveda and the Mind will be available for viewing afterward the Zoom session, so you don’t have to be present at the live Zoom call.

This is a great class to begin to understand the Mind and how it functions normally and how it functions under stress. You might consider writing out two or three paragraphs about a situation that is “triggering” you right now. It can help to have something specific to be looking at in your own mind as we cover the concepts in the class*.

Each session is $25 and you must RSVP**. You’ll get a link to the recording after it goes live (it will not be a downloadable link).


* This is a group class, and while I welcome questions, please be sure they are universal questions that will be helpful to the group as a whole. There will be options to delve into your personal questions in the future.

** If you are already registered for any session, you will automatically be invited to the April Zoom session and are welcome to attend the May in-person session for the same price.

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