Graduation Day

Study Pays Off

This morning, after a final presentation, I graduated with a certificate in Vedic Psychology (Level One) from Jessica Richmond. I’ve been taking weekend seminars with Jessica and Babaji nearly annually when they come to the States to teach and I’d fallen in love with the Psychology piece. Last year, I registered for the certification training. It’s been amazing, and a privilege, to work working one on one with Jessica throughout the training, learning about the mind, my mind (oh my), and how the parts of the mind dance and work together to come to the most intelligent course of action or the not so intelligent reaction.

When Jessica told me I’d completed/passed, I was extra ‘specially honored to learn that I am the first American to graduate from the program.

Intrigued? My first Intro to Vedic Psychology class happens on May 8th (REGISTER). Don’t miss out, it’s going to be mind-blowing. Keep your eyes peeled, there might be a sneak peek or two between now and then; maybe in a 100 Days FB post or a blog or a video.

I’ve found it to be really great stuff to sort through the churnings when the mind is a’whirling with emotions and instability (like with what’s happening these days). It’s been really helpful in trying to understand the strange (and ugly) behaviors we resort to. It’s helped me to be more compassionate with myself and others. Teaser: “Realize you’re Triggered. Realize it’s you.

Off to celebrate…no party…just me and Paul. Cheers!!

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  1. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!  😚Sent from my Galaxy Tab A

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    That’s huge Charlotte ! Well done!
    Love you!!

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