Monday Mantra

No one has “enough time”. They create time.

Pause and Practice: What is important enough to make time for?

You might consider writing a list. You might consider writing an Absolute No list for things you need to stop wasting time on and an Absolute Yes list for the things you must start making time for. This two sides approach can be really helpful to see the “time wastes” and the things you most want to do, but seem unable to find time to do.

You could write a list in three columns. An Absolute Must Make This Happen List. An I like to do this list. Last, an I don’t really need to do this list. This list puts things in perspective.

I like to think about it like a jar of rocks: put the big rocks in first (the most important), then the pebbles (the I likes), and then sprinkle in some sand (the occasional treat/likes).

Others like to think of it as three boxes. Put in the first box the “I must keeps”. Throw in the last box the “these need to gos”. And the “I’m not sures” in the middle.

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