Spring “Emergency” Ayur-Kit

The ingredients for Sitopaladi (link to more details) just came in and a fresh batch is ready to go. I decided to put it into a small Ayur-Kit for Spring Emergencies with these go-to things:

Sitopaladi, which can be taken to manage excess Kapha (mucus and stagnation) two to three times a day (without unbalancing VP). 1 teaspoonful straight on the tongue, in a glass of warm water, or mixed with honey. Second thing in the Kit is Neem Powder which can be added to 1-2 cups of sea salt to use as a morning gargle and swish (morning, evening, or anytime really). Last thing in the Kit is AyurBrew (Guduchi, Haritaki, and Ginger) that can be used at the first sign of illness. Add 1 tsp to a mug of warm water 2 to 3 times a day (this will only last a few days, so please contact me for a resupply).

There are only ten available until I get restocked with ingredients. Each Kit is $10; please message me for pick up or ORDER HERE.

Not included in the kit, but really useful right now: Tulsi Tea, Chywanprash, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, herbal and spice teas, tea tree essential oil (add to shampoo, conditioners, moisturizers), deep breathing, Breath of Joy, daily yoga (sweat and stretch and MOVE), a hat, a brisk walk, hike, or jog, warm water, warm broths…Nourish, MOVE, and Settle the Mind. Soap and water. Soap and hot water are the best bet against viruses (long story short).

Some of you who know I consider Essential Oils as potent medicine, to be used with great respect and caution, sometimes ask WHEN I do use them (outside of as aromatherapy for the eye covers)? Well, THIS is a time I use them. I make my own sanitizers (I don’t love the antibacterial sanitizers you get in the store). Many of the essential oils are anti-viral and the point is that they are really, really potent. This is a time for potent concentrations from our herbal allies.

I am using a stronger dilution than I normally would in a carrier oil as a barrier on my skin. I mixed a blend with alcohol (60% or higher). In this case, the highest alcohol content I had was Absinthe–I figured if I add some EO’s to that, it should kill anything. I have a spray bottle as a sanitizer for knobs and surfaces (particularly my car) and I will pour this blend over baby wipes for public visits–wipe the ears, the nostrils, then wipe your hands.

Below, you will find the protocol from the Classical Texts for an epidemic. Still applies…

Truthfulness, compassion for living beings, charity, sacrifices, prayer to the gods, adoption of preventative measures, tranquility, protection of the self by mantra, etc., search for things that are good for the self, residence in auspicious places, observance of brahmacaryā, service to those observing brahmacaryā, discussion of religious scriptures, great sages and those who have self-control, and constant association with religious, sāttvika and learned persons—these are the therapies which if adopted during the epidemics can easily save the lives of individuals, provided the death of a particular individual during the period is not predestined. Caraka Saṃhitā:Vimānasthāna:III:12-18

(I borrowed the above from Dr. Claudia Welch’s page, because I thought it was so lovely. Take a peek at her site, if you have time).

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5 thoughts on “Spring “Emergency” Ayur-Kit

  1. Hi hon! I would love some of the chywanprash tea!!! Can you just let me know how much it is?

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    1. The Chywanprash is a Jam. Super immunity boosting. It comes in a 9.4 ounce jar for $20. I have a shipment coming in a day or three (deliveries are slow). Would you like me to save you a jar?


  2. Charlotte, any advice on using tea tree oil? I have a full bottle, organic. 🙏😊L, H

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    1. I would suggest always diluting it. As I mentioned, it’s great to add to shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizers right now. Additions to hand sanitizer or mat spray. A few drops in a bath. Facial steam. It’s pretty potent, I would use with care. There are probably a ton more suggestions on line. I use it (diluted) on bug bites, cuts, and scratches too.


    2. I’m assuming it’s an essential oil?


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