In the Spring Tips, and also on Facebook’s 100 Days of Yoga, I mentioned this as a great formula for balancing Kapha without unbalancing Vata and Pitta. This is great during spring allergies and bugs (including viruses) and to support lung and respiratory health. It is best blended with honey, but can be eaten by the teaspoonful alone or mixed into a tea.

Since then, people have been asking about it and it seems to be out of stock everywhere. I’ve got a few options for you:

Option #1. If you’re patient, I will be making a batch in the next week as ingredients arrive. My recipe follows the formula from the classical texts of Ayurveda.

Option #2: Banyan Botanicals has a new formula, Immune Health NOW, which has Sitopaladi as a main ingredient, plus other immune (and anxiety) supportive herbs. You can use the link below to purchase directly from Banyan (remember that 5% of all purchases through the BB Link link go toward the YTT Scholarship Fund). I have a very limited amount of this coming on my next order to try.

Don’t forget to grab a jar of immune super boost Chywanprash while you’re ordering (this I do carry as well).

Find your balance of Movement, Nourishment, and Stillness!!

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