Ayurveda and the Mind

I enjoyed discussing herbs in Ayurveda and Herbs last night. A big thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We talked about a few of the basic concepts behind using the Ayurvedic herbs and how to look at them, and use them, Ayurvedically. We did some tasting and some tangents, which are always so full of unexpected wisdom and conversations. Everyone went home with some herbal treats and seeds for continued growth.

Current events take home note: eat more Chywanprash (Amalaki) to boost immunity!!

Next up is Ayurvedic Psychology: Ayurveda and the Mind. This is truly a don’t miss class, so RSVP now for it, just in case it fills up. Commit, RSVP right now. If you have a date that night already, bring them along (that will be highly interesting). If you’re thinking about getting sick that day…don’t. If you’re working, take the night off. If you can’t do that, call in sick (just kidding…maybe).

You could try to convince your boss to pay for the class for you, as this class will help you learn how the mind works so that you can begin to figure out what’s wrong with the people you work with to be better able to handle their insanity…

Wait…WAIT…Just kidding. It’s all about you. Realized you’re triggered and realize it’s you. You’ll begin to understand what’s underlying the triggers you have to certain behaviors and situations. You’ll find out why those “crazy” people “make” you crazy. Truly, it’s such good juicy stuff.

There will be handouts for this one. Bring yourself, a desire to learn, and a sense of humor.

You can earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits if you are a yoga teacher ($5 charge for processing and certificate).

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