How’s your morning?

What if how you wake up and begin your day is how you live your life? Did you wake up angry or anxious? Did you wake up rushing around to get to where you needed to be mostly on time? You probably brushed your teeth and used the toilet, but did you really take care of your skin and senses? Did you really take time to properly eliminate? Did you wake up in pain?

Did you check in with how you were feeling? Or did you simply check your hair and makeup and run out of the bathroom without looking into your own eyes and asking: How are you today? What do you need today? Were you kind to yourself? Or mean? Did you notice yourself or did you ignore yourself to go get the busy work of life done?

When was the last time you checked in with yourself? Really actually asked yourself: How are you? How does my body feel? How am I breathing? How am I feeling (emotionally)? What am I thinking about? What am I stewing over?

How many of these things did you do this morning?:

  • drink a mug of warm water (lemon, ginger, and/or honey optional)
  • properly eliminate
  • sit for a few minutes of stillness, maybe with a mug of tea or on your mat
  • stretch your spine and joints
  • cleanse and nourish your senses (mouth, eyes, ears, nose, skin)
  • check in with yourself self (how are you feeling today/what do you need today?)
  • set an intention for your day
  • cultivate gratitude
  • eat a simple, healthy, warm breakfast without rushing or multi-tasking
  • use a healing oil on any sore, tender, delicate joints, muscles, tissues before showering

In short, are you taking care of yourself?

If you’re doing one or two things, add one or two more. If you’re doing none of the above, don’t beat yourself up (that’s truly counterproductive), simply add one or two things. Yes, one or two only, don’t try to do the whole list at once. Baby steps. Work you way up to all of them. Take your time, don’t add until you’ve really established the first additions. If you’re already doing them all, nice work, keep practicing.

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