Kapha (Spring) Ayur-Kit

It’s time to think about ordering your Kapha Ayur-Kit. I know it seems early. I know it seems like the middle of winter, but the Kapha Melt will be happening before we know it. Maple Syrup season, Nature’s Melt, is right around the corner. Prepare for a healthy spring (alleviating your spring melting complaints of allergies, colds, congestion, heaviness, and the like) with a Kapha Kit.

Order by February 1st. This is a change from previous years, so don’t miss out on your Kit by forgetting to order. Order now!

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2 thoughts on “Kapha (Spring) Ayur-Kit

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    I would like one of the Spring kits. I also had a question, do you recycle the little brown glass jars?

    😊 Yvonne

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